Award rules in English

One hundred and twenty years ago, on 20th January 1899, Pravoslav Motyčka was born. Pravoslav, OK1AB, has been recognized as the very first (then UNLIS) radio amateur operator in Czechoslovakia, but he certainly was among the first six legal amateur radio license holders in Czechoslovakia.

To commemorate our predecessor and mentor, Č.A.V. (Českomoravští Amatéři Vysílači) hereby announces activity program to honor Pravoslav Motyčka’s life and legacy, as well as amateur radio award to be issued on this occasion.

Activity Period

120 days starting from and including Pravoslava Motyčka’s birthday:
from 19th January 2019, 23:00 UTC until 19th May 2019, 21:59 UTC.
(The times are adjusted to match midnight local time in Czech Republic.)

Award eligibility

Every licensed amateur radio station completing 120 QSO points during the activity period is eligible. Listeners can obtain the award under the same conditions.

QSO points

Callsign award points
OL120AB 24
ČAV member callsign (see callsign list) 6
Any station with OK, OL or OM prefix 1

Every station scores the above defined number of points once per band regardless of mode and date.

Contacts through any kind of active repeaters (terrestrial, satellite, airborne, internet links, etc.) are not valid for the award.

Award applications

Award application form (see Annex 1) and QSO log in ADIF format have to be sent by e-mail to

Award issuance, claims resolution

Award will be issued to Applicant after verification of the submitted Application and claimed QSO list by Č.A.V. award manager, Miroslav Bečev, OK1DOM. Application may be submitted as free text in e-mail body and has to contain the same information as the form shown in Annex 1.

Award manager’s decision is final.

Award delivery

Successful applicants will receive Award in electronic form as PDF file sent to e-mail address specified in the Award Application.

Č.A.V. considers possibility to produce the same Award printed in high quality on high-quality paper and sent by regular mail to the Applicant against payment of the necessary costs. This possibility will be announced as soon as we evaluate the tax implications of receiving money from abroad.

Printed awards, in case they will be issued, will be printed and sent after collecting all relevant applications, therefor a deadline will be set well after end of activity period but before the end of 2019.

Change of rules and conditions

The issuer reserves right to amend, change or specify further details conditions for receiving award applications, delivery of electronic or printed awards, or payment of fees, until the last day of the activity period

The issuer reserves right to extend list of Č.A.V. member callsigns until as late as one week before the end of activity period.